Sebastjan Peršolja is a Slovene artist with a rich knowledge of the arts and a well defined artistic curriculum.

He is a painter and a sculptor, he studied at the Max Fabiani Institute in Gorizia (Italy) and at the High School of Photography and Design in Ljubljana (Slovenia). He has undertaken his artistic activity with prestigious exhibitions all over Slovenia as well as other European countries.

He had the honour of designing the throne for Miss Yugoslavia and the sceptre of beauty for Miss World: a composition in solid gold with six feminine figures holding up a terrestrial globe surmonted with a crown, and many paintings for illustrious figures like Luciano Pavarotti and Vittorio Sgarbi.

An artist full of passion and enthusiasm, continuously looking for ideas and motivations for an Art that is young and modern, deeply engaged in the European cultural history. The human figure constitutes the main theme in His artistic expression.

Peršolja’s imagery is never banal or gratuitous, instead it is rather elaborate and complex, sectioned with details, interpreted with abstract geometric execution through a Picassoesque derivation. Thus his works are never easy to describe, the lack of aesthetical complacency makes it hard to define obvious figurative influences.

Everything is suggested and implied, everything is suspended, available for a personal interpretation: a jigsaw of forms and colours, intercut with lights and shadows, elegant and delicate chromes, where the female anatomy remains the undisputed protagonist.

In His paintings, that sometimes seem overrun with extraordinary Futuristic visions, two fundamental and bearing elements emerge: the »sign«, meant as a gesture – writing and the colour. The first one is strong and decisive, free and personal; the second one is delicate and  poetically melts in a compact unit.

Even when Sebastjan Peršolja uses stronger dyes, He does so with such extraordinary aesthetical taste that the overall harmony in the composition remains intact.

His paintings are at times rich with extruding matter, textured with the use of materials like glass, resins, paste and plaster. In other instances more free and slight, almost suspended in space, but always coherent and personal.

Sebastjan Peršolja is also a sculptor. Sculpture it is in His blood, part of His DNA. Marble, bronze and stone are His favourite materials for a well defined and mature artistic expression.

The sculptures are elegant, incisive, strongly personal. Their complexity invites us to a deeper interest and study.”

Prof. Luciano Carini
Art critic

“The paintings of Sebastjan Peršolja are distinguished by a daring combining of colours, which makes them appear like animated objects.
Peršolja’s skilled touch supplies an electric liveliness to all of his compositions, that readily catch the eye of the beholder.
Although he operates with abstractions, his forms are extremely suggestive
and offer a different emotion and interpretation at every new contemplation.
In the words of the artist himself: »Every day, when I create, I connect with the Cosmic energy, the Universe and in a meditative state translate forms from other planets and their messages on the canvas.«”

Len Černe
Dipl. of digital arts


”In art, ont only do we love, but we also belive in surprises.
Artist in their artistic zeal are able to constantly achieve.
By this we mean mostly all of their artistic work, that will never cease to be interesting.
When meeting the young artist Sebastjan Peršolja, we encounter another surprise, the one testified by his youth.
The seriousness and level oh his artistic creations as well as the seemingly effortless way he brings his creative thoughts to life,
reveals the maturity and disclipine of the young artist.
It’s a young artist entering our creative world like a meteor. A similar entry on Slovenian grounds has been seen by only two other artists: Janez Bernik and the late Bard Iucundus.”
Prof. dr. Mirko Juteršek
Art critic


”Peršolja’s artisic vision is a unique intertwining of forms, taken over from the animal and plant world, but at the same time he is also interested in the human form in various poses.
However the listed motifs are not adressed in the same manner as the classic European concept of searching for the beauty on the outisde, but as a misterious, emphasized fantastic world,
which cannot hide it’s connection with some of the artistic solutions used in prehistorical or archaic greek culture.
The search for the primal, anatomically unburduned form, this seems to be the in core of the artistic search of Sebastjan Peršolja.”
Marko Vuk
Art critic


”The exhibition held in Grand Casino Portorož presents to the audience Peršolja’s newest artistic cycle.
The paintings continue the author’s original style and the form opens up in a sense of an abstract artistic field.
When forming the image the line and coloration are especially important. The artist is expressing himself very fiercly into the artistic foundation
and his line formation combined with a rich artistic support forms some sort of semi-figural, volumnious forms.
We could say that the paintings contain the premonition of the artist’s sculpture.
In it’s contect are therefore naratives, stories which happen betwen the protagonists, which the author defines and fills with a life of their own.”
Dejan Mehmedovič
Art critic