Sebastjan Persolja

Artist, painter, sculptor, graphic artist and designer Sebastjan Peršolja was born on 23rd October 1972 in Šempeter pri Gorici.

After finishing primary school he frequented L’Istituto statale D’Arte Max Fabiani in Gorizia (Italy), later on continuing his studies in the high school for design and photography in Ljubljana (Slovenia). His sensible nature, with which he can sense even the most unimaginable wonders of his surroundings, human emotions and his self, has caused that even in his early days, his favourite pastime was sitting behind a desk, where he could draw lines for hours, creating his own universe.
For that he only needed a black quill and by playing with whites and blacks he achieved the depth and length of distant worlds.

At age 13 he already had his first very own exhibition and after that many more followed, as his discipline or rather creative need, is incredible.

The important cause for his development as an artist were long trips to El Salvador, Trinidad and Tobago, Botswana, visiting the Seychelles islands, Sardegna, and living in the cities Milan, London, Barcelona and Belgrade.

Up until today he had a total of over 100 solo exhibitions and 60 group exhibitions in his home country and around the world.

He became famous as the author of the ”Sceptre of beauty”, which was received by the winner of Miss World in Seychelles, 1998, and bestowing his graphic arts to the 98 representatives, which were also competing for the title Miss World.
In the year 1999 he was part of the delegation for Miss Botswana, for the Miss Universe in Trinidad and Tobago. Later on Miss Bocvana became that year’s Miss Universe.

Further proof, that his life was one with a sense for beauty, was confirmed after the factory Lipa Ajdovščina created a throne for Miss Yugoslavia (Serbia), after his idea.
The throne is still used in today’s competitions to seat the most beautiful contestant.

His works are owned by many celebrities and are present in many private and public collections.

He is currently living and working in Nova Gorica, Slovenia.